Installation, entretien et dépannage de climatisation à Antibes

Située à Antibes, votre entreprise Nouvel Air Climatisation est à votre disposition pour vous accompagner dans l’installation, l’entretien et le dépannage de votre système de pompe à chaleur, climatisation, chauffage.

En neuf ou en rénovation, votre climaticien dans les Alpes Maritimes met en oeuvre tout son savoir-faire pour répondre dans les meilleurs conditions à vos demandes et à vos besoins.

Détenant toutes les certifications nécessaires, votre entreprise de climatisation vous propose une large gamme de prestations adaptées à votre budget tout en respectant vos choix et vos exigences.

Doté d’une expérience de plus de 15 ans, votre expert en climatisation saura vous aider dans le choix de votre clim et vous guider dans la maintenance de votre système de climatisation réversible.

Les engagements de Nouvel’ Air Climatisation Antibes


Mis à part les différents services d’installation, d’entretien, et de dépannage de votre système de climatisation, les avantages de votre climaticien dans les Alpes Maritimes sont :

Le professionnalisme
La proximité avec le client
Une intervention rapide
Une installation conforme
Des équipements de qualité
Un service après vente gratuit jusqu’à 5 ans
Le respect des normes
L’établissement d’un devis gratuit
Des tarifs concurrentiels
Un seul interlocuteur

Nos zones d’interventions dans les Alpes-Maritimes

Votre climaticien est à votre disposition pour vous accompagner dans tous vos travaux de climatisation.

Professionnel et sérieux, il saura répondre à tous vos besoins et vos demandes que vous soyez à :

Pour de plus amples informations sur les différentes prestations de votre climaticien, n’hésitez pas à contacter Nouvel Air Climatisation à Antibes.

Ce que nos clients disent de nous …

Lisa Childs
Lisa Childs
16:45 05 Dec 22
As previous reviews, I can confirm that the service before the sale is very attentive and the installation team was... very professional and tidy ( a big thanks to the installation team! ). HOWEVER, what others may not have encountered with their 5 star rating is the need for any service after the sale! We had 7 units installed in our home (yes, 7! €€€€€). Afterwards one of the remotes seemed to have a problem and the unit would shut off on it's own. When I called they were way to busy to come anytime soon so I researched myself and determined the remote was defective - unit worked fine with other remotes and any other until with the faultlly remote had the same issue. Called again to request a replacement remote (reduce the need for a visit). Was told they would order it. After 4 weeks contacted to check, they hadn't ordered it as summer is too busy for them they'll do it after September. Yes, too busy to simply place an order! It's now December, no news and no remote. Shameful service after sales and I am so incredibly disappointed I recommended such a company to friends who have since used them. My new recommendation to anyone who is looking for air-conditioning installation services is to avoid this company! I will now spend more money on a new remote and if that's not the problem I'll no doubt need to find another company to deal with it with additional expenses - infuriating.UPDATE: The company response below is incorrect & dishonest. My remote was never lost, nor did we ever discuss a lost remote. In addition, I have no missed calls or voicemails or texts from them. If they had actually obtained the remote, why wouldn't they try harder than one call anyway? Especially if I was going to have to pay for it. I agree providers are busy in the summer and therefore have been extremely patient. I'm not an unreasonable client - I actually referred atleast 5 clients to them before the bad after sales experience and one of them actually engaged for their services (I just hope they don't need service later).plus
Stephan Seidel-Jarleton
Stephan Seidel-Jarleton
17:55 14 Apr 20
Very competent , excellent installation, very serious , no surprises, final price corresponding offer, highly... recommendedplus
bruno lagardere
bruno lagardere
10:00 06 Mar 20
Travail soigné, conseils avisés, grande disponibilité et bon service après vente. Toutes ces qualités en font un... bon professionnel. Sans oublier des prix très corrects. Si vous choisissez la marque Daikin, un plus pour l'
Zhuoran ZHANG
Zhuoran ZHANG
20:10 02 Dec 19
Another comment with 5 stars, they deserve it! Two air conditioners inside and one unity outside, flawless job with... everything well connected and only one socket used. Mister Masson is such an easy going person and also his assistant. They are a very efficient team and all this work finished within one working day. I really recommend
Pranav Pandey
Pranav Pandey
10:06 03 Jul 18
Very happy with the service.- The price is very competitive for the region.- Taking appointment was pretty straight... forward.- There was a blockage in the water passage which was identified after few days of servicing and was fixed as part of the servicing.I would be coming back to you for next servicing
Jeffrey Lill
Jeffrey Lill
07:54 28 May 18
Very happy indeed with installation of two air conditioning units in my flat. The process was straight forward,... competitively priced and completed in two days! Very professional.Would highly
hugomorlon .
hugomorlon .
09:23 15 Jun 16
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